free your mind networking as 'state of your mind'opennesefriendly attitudenetworking as techniques -> courtesy, simple univeral rulesnetworking as selfconsiouseness and persistant movement to the goal NETWORKING definition Networking is intentional process of exchanging information, assets, mutual support, and leads conducted with use of mutually benefitial contacts. misunderstandings abt networking positive thinking WHY network basic techniques understanding networking Basic networking concepts:maintaining relationship as a soil (to be cultivated and seeded)create and maintain your image as a valuable asset (trust, consistency, competences)The act of needs satisfying is beyond you with you as 'object' not 'subject'.example: You are a good (worth recommendation) accountant {this is how you are perceived, this is what you taught your network}.A friend of your friend has a problem with taxes. Your friend recommends him you as a solution to his problems. The friend of your friend was in trouble. He is getting help and he feels gratitude. You just got a job :-) art of listening networking polish style set of tools attitude entrance before you start conversation starting conversation meeting/gathering traps let others see you communication stop surfing start making wavesbrodcasting 'effective content' classical starts who you arewhat are you doinggoaldifferentiatorenthusiasmcasebenefits conversation under control maintaining contact trust Trust can be taughtNO to short term thinkingpersonal brandattitude towards othersTrust , predictibility and consistency as a basis for relationship designing your network contacts:individualgroupfriends & acquaintancessizegradation goal network as environment ['buy ticket' case]Future has unlimited posibilities of paths, which are narrowed by our environment (contacts, possibilities). Environment we create.